Our Guarantee

AmaPharma.com Satisfaction Guarantee

Unlike other companies, when you use our online pharmacy we guarantee that you will receive your medications or we will reship them to you free of charge* until you do. When shipping products internationally, there is always a chance that the package may go missing or be damaged along the way. What sets our service apart from all others is the fact that if your package is lost or damaged, we will then cover 100% of the replacement costs as our satisfaction guarantee and to serve you the best way possible.

Remember this guarantee when placing your order and know that when you purchase your medication through our no prescription online pharmacy service, you are ordering with the peace of mind that we are providing the insurance to ensure you will ALWAYS receive your order, or your money will be gladly refunded in full.*

* If the reason for you not receiving your order is due to an incorrect address supplied by yourself or due to you not retrieving your parcel from the post office after they have left notice for pickup, please contact us to how we will deal with those situations. Our personal satisfaction guarantee only stands valid for those orders damaged, lost, or returned to us by customs.